The world of T’Narn


The T’Narn are fascinating.  They have gone to every city that can be
found on the sea.  They have
circumnavigated our entire continent.  T’Narik
says he has even been to the fabled other continent where ancient cities are
falling to ruin… and the bodies do not look quite Narn.

“Look at you” T’Geroth said to him, “You got the lad
thinking you are telling the truth.
Don’t listen to this old salt, pouchling.  He is full of tales and I doubt even 10 of them
are true.”

“Yes,” said T’Narik, “the secret is knowing which

It has been a long time since anyone assumed I was
young because I am short. The official trappings of my office have made me
taller and therefore as old as I should be.
Being a T’Narn seems to age you though.
Their spots are large from years of sunshine.  Their faces etched as one with the look of
squinting into the horizon and delicately lined as if they were decades older
than I am.

“So where do you hail from?” T’Geroth asked.

“Don’t bother the lad so, T’Geroth.  You always got to know everybody’s past.” T’Narik
rebuked gently.  “It’s gonna get you in
the end.”

“It hasn’t yet” she replied, “And I don’t think any
of you is going to get me any time soon.
So my fine young Narn with your fine young clothes. Where are you from?”

“I grew up on a farm on the Tagree peninsula, but I have
lived in Vas’Noth since the war.”

“Not many from there anymore.” one of them murmured.
“Last I heard, the Tagree peninsula was burned to a cinder.  You were lucky to survive.”

“My family…” I wasn’t sure what to say.  The truth was certainly acceptable in this
place.  “My father had thrown me out of the
family.  I wandered Lost for a while.”
The memories of those days still bring a knot to my chest.  The T’Narn made sounds of sympathy. “The War
against the Darkness was raging and I found myself bound up in the fighting.”  I paused, regret in my posture, “I never saw
them again.”

My confession put a bit of damper on the conversation
for a few minutes as everyone thought their own thoughts.

“Did you know G’Quan?” T’Geroth asked again.  

“Does anyone really know him?” I responded.  “He is the Leader of the Kha’Ri with hundreds
of bodyguards.”

“It is said that the Darkness destroyed the Tagree peninsula
because of him.” she persisted, “His envoy is below decks talking to Na’Tran
Her Worshipfulness right now.”  “Is he a
good leader?”

“That is talk for another time.” T’Narik stated. “We
gotta get back to it.”  As one the group

Which is too bad because I would have liked to have
known the answer to her question.