Hey everyone. Sorry to put a dampener on everyone’s holidays like this, but I would like to address the fact that I haven’t updated this blog in nine months.

So my last update was me talking about how my computer stopped booting, and that was it. First of all, thank you guys for all of your suggestions, but like I said in the post at the time, I couldn’t really keep up with the blog so I didn’t see any of them. It’s nice to know you guys cared,  those comments meant a lot, thank you guys.

I have a new computer, at the time I was using a macbook I’d had since college, I needed the upgrade anyway, but like I also said, replacing it was hard, I’m pretty poor, and even now, I haven’t finished my set up, holidays along with other things IRL has kept that from happening, might not happen for a couple of months yet.

So, the whole time I told myself, I’d get back to FYB5 when I get that sorted. And I haven’t sorted that yet, may not for a while. But honestly, I also kinda feel like it’s been a natural cut off for me to quit the blog altogether, and I haven’t found a reason, personally, that would stop me doing that.

I could be upfront and honest, but people are going to think what they want, and I could be political and pick and choose what to say about why I’m quitting the blog, but people are going to think what they want. Learnt that one from Deconstruction of Falling Stars.

Fact of the matter is I’ve been on this website a long time. I ran this blog for years. When I started I was fresh out of college trying to hold a band together and looking for people to share my favourite show with. My partner suggested Tumblr, the rest is history.

And I’ve thought about this for a long time, this isn’t some rash decision I’ve come to I’ve been agonising over this for months.

I feel like, I’ve done my bit for letting people know about this show, I don’t feel like me standing with a parade and catherine wheels shouting about how good it is… it’s spent, it’s enough. I’m happy with it.

I’ve met cool people through this and I’ve done cool things and I’m pretty cool with that.

So, second most important question; what’s going to happen to the blog?

The blog is staying, I’m not deleting it. I can’t delete it, it means too much to me, and the logistics of finding someone else to run the blog or getting them used to the backwards way I set it up 4/5 years ago is just… it’s new years right? Clean slate.

However, on Jan 3 I’m going to be changing the URL to fuckyeahb5dead

Providing there’s no crossover of Babylon 5 and The Walking Dead that people fucking love, it frees up the URL if someone else wants to start over, or if some new fans come in from the inevitable remake films (which I know we haven’t heard anything about but OH MY GOD I’m still really excited).

As for me.

I’m still on Tumblr. I don’t know if I’m going to be doing another like… thing like this blog, but if I do I’ll let you know so long as you’re still following here.

When I started I promised myself I’d not use this blog as a way to get personal follows, which is kinda immature and childish pie-in-the-sky thinking when you’re starting a fan blog but to be honest I’m too introverted and anxious to cope with loads of people and I’ve cultivated a nice little corner of tumblr and I’m happy in it.

But I’ll be here. I’ve always been here.

Happy new year, thanks for everything.

– Admin