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With special thanks to @ask-gquan which is brilliant, I’ve been thinking about G’Quan a lot recently. What would happen if he and G’Kar met for example. How he’d relate to Valen…. Beyond the Rim type stuff. 

Am I correct remembering that when Kosh revealed himself that the narns in attendance recognized his incarnation was G’Quan? Therefore should I take design inspiration for him from this image? I feel like I’m remembering right but please please please tell me if I’m wrong or if there’s a reference I’m missing!


Thank you for your fulsome praise, but I have never been so elegantly framed.  I am a small Narn built for farming.  You are quite correct about anatomy, though.  I assure you I remember having nipples.

Straight from the source! 

G’Quan, you honor me with your reply. Any other input you would share about your appearance – even things not shown in the context of the tv series – is always welcome!

I must admit I have never thought much about my appearance.  I rarely have access to a mirror and have no real opinion as a consequence.  I assume that I am horribly average.  

I am a short, robust Narn.  Only about 7 ra’tarn tall.  I look the average Narn squarely in the shoulder.  My eyes are also a very average color.  Not blood red nor orange or yellow.  Common red.  I have been told that I have kind eyes.  Yet I have also been told that they can cut with a glance.

I hope this helps you in your endeavor.