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So I drew up some G’Quans last night and this morning. We don’t have a visual reference to the man in the show, but @ask-gquan gave me some guidelines, specifically to his height and build. He’s a farmer/politician with generally average proportions save being shorter than most. 

He’s got some muscle under his more simple clothing, mostly tone from field work maintained out of habit. He’s kind of dressed up his citizen garb for politics, but he’s not toting himself as any grand political figure, unlike G’Lan who is posing for us as comparison and looking super smug that Kosh took his form in Season 2. G’Quan wishes he’d gloat a little more to himself. 

So I like this design, he’s got a very fatherly face and I’m pleased with that. 

These are splendid!  You have a true gift.  The faces are fluid and emotive.  Something I have never been able to do with my own drawings which could only be described as primitive or abstract.

I am curious about the clothing.  It is of a military cut that I probably would not be wearing.  Is this what Narn wear in the future?

Forgive me, I was trying to be respectful but was limited on my historical reference 🙂 

There is nothing to forgive.  I just was surprised to see us looking like a pair of War leaders.  I am certain that G’Lan would have thoroughly enjoyed being dressed so gloriously.  For my own part it is only curiosity that drove the question.

The Narn Warrior class was much prized by my world after the War.  Our leaders were destroyed and the soldiers of the war were those who saved my people.  The circles of the Warriors did progress under my leadership.  I do believe that they deserved the level they were given.  Their service to our world was immeasurable.

I was never a Warrior like Li’Fah’Zel or even Pa’Koth.  Pa’Koth would say that my heart was too soft for such work.  It was that softness that he wished to protect.  In turn I protected the innocence of my world.  Under my reign, Nar’Shal had unprecedented peace and prosperity.  Ironic that I started as the proponent of a War and ended by having the most peaceful term.

I typically wear a simple tunic and trousers.  Typically there is very little stitchery in our clothing because the weavers’ work is often considered art in its own right and would not be cut or stitched together.  Many outfits consist of wrapping as a consequence or are held together with belts or ornamentation.  Several layers are available.  Over the tunic a more ornate jacket may be worn during the cold season.   During the hot times many may be found wearing scarcely anything at all.

The greater focus on military clothing would suggest that my world did not continue in a peaceful vein.  At some point in my world’s future, we must lean upon our Warrior traditions again.  The focus on the warrior or even the intervention of a different people may have influenced our clothing styles.

If ever you have a question, please feel free to ask.  It is after all @ask-gquan for a reason.