jenniferstolzer: Did some designing for G’Quan. I took…


Did some designing for G’Quan. I took @ask-gquan‘s guidance and made him a simple tunic and trousers with some ornaments and belts. I couldn’t let the whole midriff belt thing go. I liked it. The tunic is one large piece of fabric with a headhole like a poncho. It’s tied to his wrists and bound to his body with string and belts. His pants are actually two legs knitted in tubes that lash to his waist with strips of cloth you can see tied in a bow at his hip. I imagine that necklace is probably a show thing. He just went to a meeting or saw a crowd or something and needed to look important so he wore something to draw the eye. His normal outfit would be minus the jewelry and down a couple belts. 

More details on the clothes under the cut. 

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This is amazing.  I quite like this drawing.  It is a pose I understand well.  I do indeed fiddle with my stylus thus when in deep thought.  I must admit, like most Narn, I bend sinister.  Otherwise you have captured the moment with grace and skill.

The trousers are fascinating.  I had never considered the idea of someone creating tubes in which to place one’s legs.  

I am flattered by your generosity of heart.  Creating such works based on my life leaves me nigh on speechless (which is a feat on its own) You have listened well to my counsel and have made an image that humbles me.