The individual

Having T’Geroth and Pa’Kalon in Vas’Noth for a few weeks was inspiring.  They opened my mind to new ideas.  Vas’T’Ran will someday be an important city in the realm.  Unlike Vas’Noth, it is a port city and many Narn come through its gates.  Simple courier pouches between the cities were not enough to truly understand how much was going on in the world.  

This is what the Darkness took from my people.  The MindWalkers gave us the ability to be one people through instant communication.   If I were one of the Ten I would have been able to see through the eyes of any of the Na’fariki.  What a wonder that would be.  Instead I must work with words and pictures drawn crudely by couriers. Though I don’t imagine many artists would willingly travel as a courier just so I could have better drawn intelligence.

Alas, they left yesterday.  I did not try again to convince T’Geroth to stay here for the birth of her children. Ultimately it is her choice.  She wishes to have her children on the sea. I am sure the father will provide what is necessary.  As she said he was close at hand and would care for the children as needed.

Saying good bye to Pa’Kalon is just as difficult.  I have known her for so long now.  My children were mere pouchlings when she joined the couriers and became my companion.  So few of my companions from those days still live. A few bodyguards stay with me.  Pa’Taril, Pa’Matoth, Pa’Gerith – they have been my companions since the War, but they have always been followers and guardians, never friends.  I value them and trust my very life in their hands, but none of them would travel for three months just to slap my face.

Which leaves me G’Lan.  He still plays the wonderful fellow in public.  I barely recognized the crotchety, old fool when Pa’Kalon and T’Geroth were with us.  Suddenly his voice was booming and he was the Master Storyteller.  He tells a story well and is well written.  He is confident in ways I am not.  He was the center of attention every night and he based in the glow with can only be considered smugness.

Our companionship gone, he is sullen.  He played fo’lac in silence most of the night.  Playing with him in this state is a trial.  This is penance for enjoying the last month.

We talk of his philosophy more and more.  He has followers that he meets with in the old Temple of Vas.  They want to learn at his knee.  We both pretend I don’t know about his followers.  I am fairly sure there not enough of them to decide to do anything rash.

It allows him to continue to refine his thoughts by discussing them with me.  

It also allows me to refine my thoughts.  There are some stark contrasts between our ideas of what being a Narn entails.  More and more I believe it has to be due to our backgrounds.  

He was taken from his family as G’tul’tan’eth at his naming.  He grew to adulthood in the Temple of Vas in this very city.  He then traveled from town to town as a government functionary.  Other than during the War and my travels he has always been a solitary figure.  This would naturally make him focus on individual strengths.

Yes, these are important, but I believe that they work best when used for the greater good.

I know it is because of my background.  Small farms and village life are community focused.  You achieve your works as a group.  We all harvest and sow and build the community together.  War and governing are not places for the individual. It is the collective that wins the day. I have spent so little of my life alone, maybe I do discount the individual experience.  

But if all of your efforts are only for your own gains what is the point?