Letter from Vas’T’Ran

To: G’Quan, Leader of the Kha’Ri

From: Pa’Kalon, Guildmaster of the Vas’T’Ran Couriers

My Dear G’Quan

I hope this letter finds you well.  After being in this place for two years I finally feel like I am making progress. My office has gone from a room over a tavern to an official building opened this week.  I sit writing this in my new office and I feel for the first time like I belong here.

Your letters had not been ignored.  Maybe when I first came to this place When you forced me to come to this place I was angry.  At you and at myself.  Yes I thought you were shirking your duty.  I like her too.  I still don’ Maybe you thought that if I were away from you that I would get perspective?  As a leader I would understand the urge for taking ease when it was available?  I would gain perspective and understand you?

I didn’t answer you because I had no answers.  I pretend it was because I was busy with my duties here, but that is a lie.  Yes, this was a lot of work and so far a successful endeavor.  

I could not be nice back?  How have you learned to be nice to people that you hate?  How do you smile at the collaborator of the Darkness?  

I should throw this letter away.  I am not eloquent like you are.  The words are in my mind but do not skip freely to the page.  I do not hate you, G’Quan.  Even in my anger I know that we are two sides of the same leaf.  We have united our families.  Our futures are bound together.

I thought you sent me away because you didn’t want to listen to me.  And I was angry.  Now, as I sit in my office preparing to talk to my people I wonder if you didn’t lie to me. Did you really need me here?  Is it your trust in me that left me in this isolation, far from all that I love?  My only respite the letters sent to me by the couriers.

I have read your letters, G’Quan.  Every one of them until the paper grows thin in my fingers. And I still do not know. So I do not respond.  Cannot respond.

I can only say your trust was not misplaced.  We have planted the seed and it has produced fruit.  The couriers move ever inward from the sea.  They come back with news.  They come back with people that are ready to join you and the Kha’Ri. You too will need a bigger building to house this legion.

Give my love to our family, G’Quan.

Your humble servant,