WTF G’Quan

Friends have explained to me that “WTF” means that you, Dear
Reader, are confused by my actions with G’Lan.

I could make some story about cultures and how you could not
possibly understand me because I am alien to your people.   That would
be pretentious.  Even the most different
of peoples have certain requirements simply because they are alive.  They must survive.  They must ensure the continued existence of
their people.  Everything else might be
different, but these things will always be true.

I will guess that you wonder at my decision to poison him.  I will note that I have more than once
threatened his life.  We have fought often,
in more than one arena, and bruises, claw marks and the occasional bite have
been traded.  Poison was a most genteel
way of getting my point across.  I will
remind you that the antidote was readily available.  He was never in any danger.

If I had merely explained my point, it would have been like
any other day.  We have argued these
points for decades.  Discussing further
would never have assisted him.

He needed to understand.
He needed it impressed upon him.
He needed to know in his bones.  Nothing
like the fear of certain death to make one’s thoughts clear.  

He needed to believe that I was not going to help.  By poisoning him and announcing the fact, he
knew that I was unlikely to help.  When I
did help it made more of an impression than if I had been helpful from the start.

Poison also allowed him to feel the impending danger without
having any lasting effects.  I picked my
poison well.  It was never my plan to
kill him.   A ka’toc would have been imprecise.  A concussion would likely have prevented him
from  learning anything until he woke up.  Breaking a bone would have been unduly cruel
and would have caused long term injury.  

In the end, it was effective.  He told the story of my treachery for the
rest of his years teaching the duality of self-reliance and working as a
community.   He felt that he learned a
valuable lesson.  I don’t know that any
other method would have impressed him so.

As always  I am ready
to answer any questions you may have.