Today I went to the caverns.  I do not know why.

Maybe it was to talk to the Dur’Nara.  Our comrades on this world who keep the monsters at bay.  I did talk to them.  Their current leader is younger than me.  He has a certain reverence for me as Da’Quan-teth.  I have always kept our relations cordial but time erodes that bond.  I know in my heart that when I die the bond between our people dies as well.

But today it still holds.  I go to the Place.  All Dur’Nara know that Da’Quan-teth goes to the Place.  It is where my heart lives.  My childhood is deep under black glass several days journey away.  My heart lies under the city of Vas.Noth now. Sometimes I come here and just look at the lovely cavern.  It is too bright for the Dur’Nara to stay long.  Too deep in the caves for any but the most foolhardy to attempt to find.

Sometimes I look at those I love.  Pa’Koth lies under a protective shell.  His wife and Li’Fah’Zel have become part of the cavern from years of lying in this place. There will be a day when no one comes to this place again.  I will be placed beside my Pa’Koth and the world will go on.  I too will be covered in a patina of clear rock.  That covering will thicken until I too am but a part of the cavern.  Lost to the cosmos.

It is a most amazing thought.  Sobering and awe inspiring.  In this place the universe seems to stop for me because I will decidedly stop here eventually.  All that I was or will be will come to fruition at that moment.  I will disappear into history as surely as I will disappear into the rock.  I will no longer have the ability to prepare my world for war or for peace.  Yet I will also no longer have to be responsible for doing so either.  For good or ill, I will truly be at peace.

Afterwards I am gathered to the Body.  They hummed and sang.  Food and drink were offered and it seemed there was a celebratory air in the Body this night.  Youth danced and oldsters clapped.  Music filled the caves resounding through the world.  The Dur’Nara still walk in each other’s minds.  I can imagine this celebration filling every cavern every place on Nar’Shal.

We are small motes, but we can make the world shake and thrum to our voices and our feet.

As I am sitting among the elders a child comes to me and earnestly offers a hand for the dance. Before she is chased away I get to my feet and dance with the child and enjoy knowing that, though I am not a youth any longer, I do still live.

Eventually I know I must leave.  I salute the Body that replenished my Chad’Rasha.  They call out to me.  I come to the surface jubilant.  This confuses my bodyguard immensely which makes me laugh again.

Today was a good day.