In the Temple

Eventually Ta’Yal came out of the Temple.  “I apologize, G’Quan, for making you wait.  I know your time is precious.”

“Ta’Yal, I always am happy to make time for you.  Don’t tell me you have another son to add to the family.”

He laughed good naturedly.  I may be considered the father of Vas’Noth, but I believe he is actually trying to become the father of Vas’Noth.  We hugged and talked of his various children.  We moved into the Temple.  It had been many years since I actually walked the halls of the Temple of D’Bok. Gone were many of the religious aspects of the halls, but there were still priests of D’Bok in residence.  Many still appreciate the prayers to D’Bok as part of their treatment.  

Ta’Yal took me to a room where I heard the priest singing a Song to D’Bok. It took only seconds to understand why he asked me here.  In beds in this room were three very sick Narn.  Ta’Yal put on some gloves and walked to the side of one of the beds.  I walked to the other side.  The Narn looked at me in a daze of pain and fever.  

“Ha, Healer, now I know it is a dream.  Now I think I see G’Quan with you.” the Narn stated, “I have no idea why he would be here.”

Ta’Yal started to answer, but I held up a hand, “I am but Ta’Yal’s father, worthy one.  Why have you come to Vas’Noth?  Do you seek an audience with the Kha’Ri?”

She coughed, I was taken aback by the blood she spewed unknowingly on the sheets.  Ta’Yal treated it like just another symptom. Then she laughed again, a hollow laugh. “First G’Quan then the Kha’Ri?  We are not so important.  We came here because we have no Temple of D’Bok closer. Our priest died with none to take his place.  Our people have need of their prayers.” She gestured weakly to the quietly keening pair in the room.  

Ta’Yal spoke then, “Du’Nath, may I show … my father your symptoms?  He is a very learned man and could be of help.”

“Do what you wish, Healer, my fate and those of my village are in the hands of Sava.”

He gently lifted her arm and turned it so I could see the pustules on her arms.  Lesions and sores covered her body as if she had fallen into a vi’dicht bush.  She gritted her teeth as he removed the sheet and it pulled scabs off lesions on her breasts and her stomach.  I reached to comfort her and with a grunt and a look Ta’Yal paused my hand.  He quietly made her comfortable again and moved to her companion.  He had black ooze coming from a temple vent.  I thought he was dead at first, but then realized he was just staring.  Beyond words.

The third was more cogent. “You are G’Quan.  I saw you once on the Day of Remembrance. Our village needs help.  Be it the priest or the Healers I do not care.  Help us.”

“This is my plan.” Again I followed Ta’Yal’s silent direction to not touch them.  I wanted to put my hand on him.  I wanted to assure him that I cared.  I could only do that with my eyes.  

Which seemed to be less than adequate to the moment.