The Agony of Indecision

It was inevitable I suppose.  

I have heard of cases that sound like the sickness – the sickness that is called Pa’Dutu. Already named for the dark lesions and black ooze that often is found at the vents of the afflicted.

The Street of Inns has had two entire families of innkeepers utterly destroyed by the contagion. Ta’Yal wants me to control the city, prevent people from entering or leaving areas where the sickness has been found.  As if I could tell Narn what to do.  I am a leader, but people do not believe this is a danger to them.  A few people here; a few families there.  It happened so many streets from my home….

More concerning to me is that a few people in the Market have shown signs of sickness.  Pa’Kalon’s family is there.  And my G’Meri.  I have dispatched a notice to Pa’Kalon to tell her of the sickness.  We always worry about those close to us.  Not everyone goes to the Steer of Inns, but everyone goes to the Market.

A heated debate was had this day over this subject in the Ka’Rhi.  Some want to limit movement to prevent spread of the contagion. Others believe this too extreme a measure.  Some want to dispatch Healers.  Some want to send out priests.   And I cannot make up my mind.  Paralyzed by indecision I hope the sickness will prove to be a temporary concern.  

I do not know what to do.  My advisors cannot agree.  G’Lan wants to do a sacrifice to Sava.  

I didn’t even know that Sava demanded or even would want sacrifices.  I think he is just as bewildered as I am.

I feel for those who are afflicted.  Several are in the temple of D’Bok.  The worst part is that the victims feel healthy until suddenly they are overcome. I could be harboring this contagion myself and not know.   When the contagion makes itself known the victims are amidst their lives surrounded by others that can be attacked. Knowing that you may have consigned all you love to death.

I will see what another week brings us.  Surely this sickness will go away by then.