News from Vas’T’Ran

To G’Quan, Leader of the Kha’Ri

From: Pa’Kalon, Guildmaster of the Vas’T’Ran Couriers

My Dear G’Quan,

I am hoping you are well.  Please be assured that I am still healthy and safe.

Vas’T’Ran is in utter chaos.  Sava walks the streets and none are safe.  Entire areas of the city are filled with the dead.  People are fleeing the city in droves.  The T’Narn for the most part have abandoned the city.  It was only lucky chance that I was able to get this message to you.  They would not have taken me on board and I wouldn’t request it. If I were sick, I would never be able to forgive myself for allowing this contagion to be taken to Vas’Noth.

For that is the rub, G’Quan, you can seem perfectly healthy and the next day you will show the symptoms of this horrible sickness.  In days you will die, covered in black lesions and oozing black corruption from every vent.

I have sent my couriers out with the refugees.  I am hoping that they will come back with news.  I am no longer hoping for good news.  Sometimes I think I am just hoping they return to me.

Do not bother to try to send a message back.  The captain said he would not be returning to Vas’T’Ran.  In truth, I am unsure if he need worry about it.  Vas’T’Ran seems a dead city now.  I have been in consultation with the City Council, those we are left, and we have agreed to start burning out sections where none are left alive.  We hope to curtail the contagion.  We may find that they entire city will need to be razed.

I mourn for my adopted city, my friend. And I fear for Vas’Noth and my family.  My mother, G’Meri and Ta’Yal seem to be in such vulnerable areas of the city.  G’Neroth and G’Kalon are couriers.  Ho’Pato-eth seems the safest as a priest in the Temple.  

In my nightmares, I have sent this to a dead city.  Yet, I cannot see the world without you in it.  In my heart I believe I would know if you were dead.  So I hold on to hope.

Please act quickly to stave off this cursed contagion, G’Quan.  Else I fear for all Narn.

Your friend and servant,



As always Pa’Kalon gives me good advice.  Yet I still have no idea what I should do.  It plagues me.  I am the Leader of the Kha’Ri and I feel impotent.  I see in Vas’T’Ran the future of Vas’Noth and I can see no way to escape its fate.

And what of the people who do not live in major cities?  The farmers, the villains, the people of smaller towns are just as vulnerable and beyond my ability to protect them.  Currently we are still allowing refugees to come to Vas’Noth, despite the Kha’Ri’s concerns.  Do I abandon my people because they were not born in a city?  

I fear for my people and I curse my helplessness.