I rose with a start.

I woke not because of the noise of the city.  I woke because of the silence.

I dressed and left my room.  There was no one in the halls.  I went to the kitchen, always a hob of activity.  There was no one.  I thought the fires banked, but realized that every one of the kitchen fires were out. The food was still in the drawers. No meat was delivered.  I walked out the door into the gardens.  The plants danced in the breeze, but no one was to be found.

I walked on to the streets.  They were deserted.

No one.


I started running. I wanted.  No, I needed to find someone else.  Anyone else.

I entered a random public house.  No customers, no pubman.  No servers. No fires.  No meat roasting on the pit.

For a moment I just sat at the empty hearth, grief stricken.

I ran from the pub. I called out for anyone.

From all evidence there was not another Narn in the whole of Vas’Noth.

At this point, I would even have been comforted by a corpse.  Any evidence at all that I was not alone in the universe.

I ran until I could run no further. I walked on.  There were no children playing in the street.  There were no shops open.  No wagons.

The market place was empty.  The breeze caught the fabric of a tent and I watched it sadly.

I was alone. I felt the emptiness of Vas’Noth as an overwhelming absence. Never in my life had I ever felt such desolation.

And then I woke up.