A friendly game of fo’lac

“G’Quan, you are a fool!”

Yes, Dear Reader, I am speaking to G’Lan.

“It was my leadership that brought us to this point.  My lack of urgency.  My lack of direction.  If I had been of a more decisive personality, who knows how many may have been saved?”

“And who knows if more would have died?” he reposted

“Many more and we would have been a dead people!” I responded hotly.  “For the last several weeks as the contagion has slowly died away I have been re-evaluating my decisions.  Looking back at my actions I don’t see a Leader.  I see an old man hiding his head under a pillow.”  I stalked around the room as he sat calmly.

“You were being cautious.  You learned that in the War.”

“But in the War I knew when to act.  I was decisive.”

“You were deliberate.  After that disastrous failed attempt on that farmhouse you learned to not rush in.”  G’Lan paused for a sip of taree and moved a fo’lac piece meaningfully.  He cheats if I am not watching.  Tonight he earned several drunachts because I was so angry at myself.

“I learned that lesson too well!  I put my people in danger and I need to step down.”

“Perhaps you need to let the people decide this for you.  You are not impartial in this choice.  Not as much as you think.  Talk to the Ka’Rhi.  Talk to your people.”

He handed me a glass of taree and a new hand of cards.  

“You are the Narn that can talk a on’vik into vegetable soup.  If you are not the right Leader any longer you should be able to convince them. If you are, you will not be able to convince them of anything but your honor.”  He sipped his taree and made a play. “Tonight drink your drink and play your hand before I get all of your money.”