To be read in all remaining Towns

.People of Nar’Shal

Today I offer you an opportunity to vote for a new Leader.

I am resigning immediately upon the identification of a replacement.  I ask for the election to be held as soon as candidates are chosen.

Why have I decided upon this course?  Because I can no longer trust my people to the hands of an incompetent.

A leader should have vision.  A leader should look at the big picture and find the path to lead their people to prosperity.  When a leader finds an issue that impacts their people, they find the way to smooth the path.

Most importantly a Leader makes the hard decisions knowing that, in the end, their people will see the wisdom of their path, even if it is not popular at the time the decision was made.

I have failed my people.  I am too old and too indecisive at this point in my life to be able to be your leader. When I was given good advice I did not take it.  I was more worried about the appearance of the thing than the safety of my people.  Who knows how many people would have been saved if I had been decisive?

I have always agreed to this position because I wanted to serve my people.  Yes, in the past I have made choices that have been to the benefit of all.  Now. Now I believe this capacity has been diminished.  Either through age or natural stupidity I have finally accomplished what I always knew I could.  A clear sign of my deficiencies as a leader.  

I became the Leader of the Kha’Ri because someone needed to be.  That I have made it this far constantly surprises me.

We have moved beyond that day.

Now there are several among the Kha’Ri or even in local villages that have demonstrated leadership skills far beyond my own.  It is time for another to take this place.

I do this not because I no longer wish to serve my people.  I do this because I believe that my people deserve the best leader that can be found.  I ask you, people of Nar’Shal to vote for the one that will move you to the next phase of our existence.