With the decision to rebuild comes the inevitable next decision is how.  Cities are built upon organic guidelines.  Some like the ni’pshe grow in lobes as expansion is required. Flowing from one space to the other through the path of least resistance.  Others are like the colonies of kar’ni organized in grids within their hives.  

More practically this allows us the opportunity to add sewer systems and running water.  To bring modern comforts to some parts of the city that had to have less advanced systems in the past.  Some will be displaced by the improvements in infrastructure, at least for a time, but the overall improvement should easily make this burden worth temporary inconvenience.  

The previous city was made as a fungus spreading through the valley as it grew without purpose. With no goal in the structures. Made for nothing but the whim of the builder.  Those structures that exist with a purpose have been outstripped in their purpose.  High walls stand in the middle of the city from the days before the Unity.  Now the city has outstripped the walls and they serve no purpose.  They could be razed and allow more room for homes and businesses. Many homes are of an old style. Would the new world raze these as well and make a modern city?

Or do we leave the old town within untouched merely building around it?  The old within the new.  Old and new intermingling as has been the way of the world up to this point.

Do we lose history or make history?  Is history written in our books or in our streets?  What of the future?  Is a people defined by how a city is built?