In my Mind’s Eye

As I look over the plans for the building out of the new central marketplace I feel a sense of timelessness.  

I can see it built out in my mind’s eye.  In the center will be a fountain.  The warm shopper can rest there on a bench and smell the sweet scent of the tarlek-eth trees.   Children will play in the trees and on the fort that will be built among the trees. Full of little rooms and games, it will be.  I hear the water splashing.  I hear the laughter.

Outside the marketplace is the Street of Inns.  So recently demolished.  The plague hit the area hard. Now it is built to heights previously unimagined.  The engineers say that they can build into the sky. Three, maybe even four stories tall. Enough for a public house and places for travelers to stay for business.  

Temple row was hit hard as well.  Frightened people often look to the gods for assistance.  Even now, after the War.  If the gods were going to intervene it would have been then.  

Temple row is changed.  The gods do not have the same influence they had before the War.  People do not meet in the temples.  People meet in the markets now.  So the markets are larger and the temples are smaller.  There is a new Ka’Kar’Ri that holds many temples.  In my mind I walk through the stone halls into the center.  The room is shared between the various temples able to be used by any.  I look to the sky and the light comes through the windows like liquid gems.  

Homes fill the empty places.  Homes of every type.  Homes with shops below.  Homes with many rooms.  Tiny homes. Large homes.  

I find myself wandering the streets amazed at the glory of the all of this beauty. Realizing that I find beauty in homes well built.  In shops full of goods and a marketplace full of things from everywhere.  A port full of koronok and roads full of travelers. In my mind the world is teeming with life.  As if I am expanding to the extent of Nar’Shal.  Full of promise.  Cradled at the bosom of the universe.  Reaching out to the universe in friendship.

Then I remember it is all in my head.  There is so much to do.  These homes do not exist.  This temple is an area of scorched land.  The marketplace is still a half burned out wreck, deserted.  The shops are only in my mind’s eye.  The roads empty.  My port destroyed.  My glorious city only plans in my hand.

The universe is not to be mine.  Only Nar’Shal.  Born too early to be walking through the star lit sky like Vas.  Knowing that one day a Narn will walk among the stars.  I believe that they will find it much like Nar’Shal.  They will find friends.  They will see beauty I can only imagine.  Tears will fill their eyes from joy.

And they will see the Darkness. The old enemy will not forget my people.  My people will not forget the Darkness.  It is our Purpose.  We maintain.