I hadn’t talked to G’Lan for over a week.  He was angry at me.  I was furious at him.  He has always attacked me based on my childhood.  How can he consider himself a friend of my mother while he attacks her decision of how to raise her children?

How can he consider me a friend if he still thinks of me as a creature so far beneath him?  I thought I was his friend.  His opinion of me changes with the breeze.

I had a meeting with the Guilds today.  I have more plans.  They involve taking some of builders with me into the world.  I have focused too much on Vas’Noth.  How do other cities and town fared since we closed our gates? They are open now, but the trickle from outside…  It is as if the whole world has disappeared.

I told the Kha’Ri of my decision earlier today as well.  I had planned to have G’Lan take my place on the Ka’Rhi as I traveled.  Unfortunately I had not been able to talk to him about it. If I went to his quarters, would that not have been an admission of weakness on my part?  

In the end he came to me.  A bottle of taree and two mugs.

“I hear you plan to leave Vas’Noth.” He said as he sat at my table, pouring taree for us both.

“Yes,” I said, wary of this new mellow mood.  “our world needs to be rebuilt.”

“And you must do it alone?” G’Lan replied sipping from his mug.  “The couriers have been telling you of the world’s progress, have they not?”

“I’m not going to be alone.  The builders and the priests and the couriers.  All of them will help the people of this world.”

“No, I think your party needs one more.  I will go with you.  It has been too long since we have traveled together.”

“G’Lan!”  I responded, “Who will be in charge of the Kha’Ri?”

“I expect that they can do fine without us both for a while.  I thought that is why you have all those couriers.  You will continue to be the Leader even as you travel.  You do not need me here.”  He waved his hands as if the place were a dump instead of a palace. He leaned forward and looked me in the eye.

“I miss the road. We haven’t been out together since before the War.  I want to remove the dust of this town from my feet and see my world.  It has been too long.”

And so I have an extra companion on my trip into the world  An old officious Narn.

If there are gods, G’Lan is my punishment.