The Ka’Rhi

“G’Quan, it has been decided.  You cannot go!”

From this side I did not expect such resistance.  The Kha’Ri had said nothing when I stated my decision to travel. Since they had conferred amongst themselves and obviously decided to overrule me.

“What do you mean?” I responded at the time.  I realize now that for the first time in quite a while the Kha’Ri was disagreeing with me.  It is allowed, but I was angry not because of the reason.  Even before I asked the question I knew the answer. “Am I not a free Narn able to go as I please?  I have traveled in the past and Nar’Shal maintains.”

The one who spoke for the whole cringed as I spoke.  The unspoken words in the air, but not voiced.  No one wanted to say it aloud.

“Do you believe that the world is more dangerous today than it was right after the War?  During the War?” I prodded.  I wanted to words spoken aloud.  I wanted to see them on the floor and stomp them into the bedrock.

“It has been several years since you last left.”

“It has been five.”

Another stood, “You are the heart of the Narn people, G’Quan.  What would we do if we were to lose our heart?”

This from an organization that has often sought my death.  Now I am a treasure of Nar’Shal?

“Do you expect something to happen?  This is a trip to the towns of Nar’Shal with an entire company of builders, stone masons, priests, healers and even a few cooks.  I am hardly going on a trip alone into the mountains to fight dar with a stick.”  I stood then and gave them my full attention. “I assure you if I did, the dar would be the ones running down the mountain in fear.”

I allowed the moment of laughter.  A beat.  “So, colleagues, what is the reason, the true reason, for your concern.”