The Ka’Rhi Continues

The words hung in the air like a miasma. I felt my temple vents flutter.  Anger would do me no good at this moment. I would just look like a manic oldster, doddering in my dotage.  Furious that my day had come and gone.

“I am quite aware of the passage of time, Ti’Rel.” I responded to more laughter. “I am not aged, my mind is clear and I am stubborn enough to last at least another 70 years.

“I appreciate the concern this body has for my wellbeing,  It would indeed be unfortunate if I died in some freak accident on the road.  I am quite sure this will not happen.  There is my bodyguard which have never have failed me as well as an entire caravan of Healers, builders and other guilds.”  I smiled sourly, “Surely all of these Narn can take care of an old fool like myself.”

“The guilds have agreed with me and my assessment.  Several key members of each guild will be on this trip.  It is considered important to them as well.”  

I stood at this point.  

“I can no longer sit in my office and wonder what goes on beyond these walls.  If I am the heart of the Narn people, then I must go be with my people.  Vas’Noth is a lovely place, more lovely by the day.  Yet… how many people outside of this place have food enough and running water? How fares the places between the towns? Have the desperate taken to banditry? I can read all of the answers and know it here” I proclaimed with a finger to my temple.  Then with a wave my hand fell to my chest. “But what about here? Can I know my people without seeing them with my own eyes?”

I looked at the body.  But the Ka’Rhi is not a single body.  It is an amalgamation of individuals.  All with their own motivations and urges.  

“In this my mind is quite made up and I will leave in the morning with the caravan.  G’Lan has also decided to see the lay of the land and will be with me.”  

At the gasps and renewed complaints I raised a hand, “There will be a day when this will come to pass.” I murmured. The Ka’Rhi strained to hear me after my booming proclamations. “There will be a day when G’Lan and I are dust in the breeze.  These days will be the lore of our people.  When that time comes, do you really believe that it will be written ‘Then the Ka’Rhi fell to chaos and despair?’  The governance of our people is no different than the waged war.  People fall to the wayside.  But Nar’Shal endures.   Perhaps this is an opportunity for the Ka’Rhi.  A chance to try your own mettle.”

The room filled with murmurs and mutters.  This was something they had not thought of.  The opportunity to take my precious world in their hands.  This world is like one of my children.  I have nurtured it and watched it grow.  Now it totters out into the fields without me.  What if a wild law is passed while I am traipsing about? How much damage could they inflict upon my child.  Yet how will they learn wisdom if they are not given a chance to experience success and failure?

Any disasters will be dealt with as required.

Or am I truly concerned that I will be unnecessary?  That without my guiding hand the world runs better.  That I was a hindrance.   Will that day come?

Will I be wise enough to recognize that day if it comes?  How I hope it will be so.