50: What is a normal person like?

Normal people are what the majority of people decide is normal.  You don’t define yourself in this instance. Normalcy is defined for you.  Or more typically you are defined by your lack of normalcy.  There are many people that believe that we should try to meet the requirements of society.  To be normal.  The circles required a level of normalcy that I never seemed able to maintain.

My brother was normal by all accounts.  He was strong, reliable.  He was handsome enough, tall enough, had a good work ethic.  He sang the right songs in the correct temples and he bonded with a female that was just as normal and reliable as he.  They had their children and taught them to be good normal people.  And when his crazy pouch brother came to him with a story of beings from the sky that would destroy all of his normal life he threw me out of the family.  

Normal is only an asset when nothing is changing.  When normalcy is lost, being normal can mean death.  Much better to not be normal.