Into the Abyss

Thirteen meals I have eaten.  There is nothing left of me now.  Now I sink into the ground.  I am the One that was.  Another will come.  I can almost see him.  Maybe he will be able to tell G’Lan what befell me.  I hope they work well together and

Oh! I feel like I will become part of the stone.  The silence is absolute.  The darkness so full that I almost feel as if it has become lighter.  My eyes so attuned that I can now see the light in the darkness.

I am sinking into the light.   So this  this is what death is like?  Everything is at peace now.  Everything done.  

I am lying to myself.  There will be war again  The Darkness will come again.  The deed is not done.  I want to fight off the languor and claw my way back from the stone.  I don’t have the strength.

The Narn have to take their place in the Light once more.  They must do what needs to be done.  My child.  My child will be in the Nexus.  As I was a child of peace that fought a war.  My child will be a child of war that brings peace.  

I felt the tears on my face.  No strength to remove them as they pooled in my vents and trailed into the abyss.  Has Sava come to take her servant to her after all?  

I was so sure the gods were a lie we told ourselves.  Schrock! I would hate to discover my error at this point.

And I fell.  

Sturdy arms held me and the light was so bright.  “G’Quan” the voices say, reverently.  As if I were to be worshipped.  As if I had the answers.  

“I am only a Narn.” I murmur, dry lips, cracking.  My throat burns.

Voices mix.  Guttural utterances that I cannot follow.

“Pa’Koth?” I saw him.  But he has nothing to say.  He just looks at me with a knowing smile.  Saving me again, old friend?  I wanted to tell him my thanks.  Yet he disappears as those who carry me fly on with sure feet in the cavern.  I will tell him later, I assure myself.  

Water is pressed to my lips and I feel the trickle hit my dry tongue. It is only after more liquid is poured on my face that my throat feels any relief.  

I hear my mother singing.  Her voice is so sweet.  I fall into a dreamless sleep.