Under the Sky

At least that is what I remember.  Since my mother and Pa’Koth were there I believed it needed to be recorded.

The first real thing I saw was G’Lan sleeping beside me.  He looked exhausted, drawn… old.  Rumpled like a leaf from last year.  He is… I don’t even know how old.  At that moment he was almost glowing.  No doubt because, with my dark deadened eyes, the whole room was glowing.  Glowing like the sky above us.  The universe in miniature was above our heads.  I looked around the room. From weeks of entrapment I found myself not moving.  Probably just as well.  Knowing my state, I probably wouldn’t be able to walk to the door.  I lifted a tentative hand to the ceiling as if I could reach the ceiling.  As if I could reach the sky.

“Holy One.” said a voice beside me.  I looked over to see a young Dur’Nara.  They looked at me in astonishment.  

“Greetings.  How long have I been here?”

Their response was to touch my head and my chest.  “You have returned to us.”

“I don’t know that I was that far away.”

“The mountain runs deep.  The heart of the mountain called to me.  I found you, Holy G’Quan.”

“Just G’Quan will do.”

“What may I do for thee?”

“Water and information would be fine.”  I put all my effort into sitting.  It was exhausting but I would not be weak.  I could not be weak.

“You have been gone for over a month, you fool.  The impetuosity of youth.” I heard in a growl.  “Did no  one ever teach you that the first thing is to not get caught?”

I smiled despite myself, “No, the old fool that taught me was too full of himself to teach that lesson.”

“He probably believed that you were bright enough to figure that out yourself.”

“Then who is the bigger fool?  The student for being caught, or the teacher who overestimated his intelligence?”

“Young G’Quan…” I was enveloped in his arms.  We held each other.   We were both crying.

I am home.